Tender Games

This month we are joined by German multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter Tender Games. Make sure you check out his recent single on Midnight Snacks “Delusions’ ✌️

Always looking forward but never forgetting the past we bring you the best in contemporary house and disco. This is Future Disco.

Check out their guest mix by clicking here

Mix 1

1. Rees  –  The Way You Move

2. Me & My Toothbrush  –  Funking Around (Extended Mix)

3. Applescal  –  Synthlove (The Sky Edit)

4. NEAT  –  Mercedes Benzo (Art Alfie Remix)

Guest Mix: Tender Games

5.Tender Games – Delusion (Midnight Snacks)

6.D.Y.A. & Tender Games – Il Truffatore

7.Tender Games – So Hot (Slothboogie Mix)

8.Tender Games – Energy

9.Tender Games – Disco Oddisee

10.Evans Pyramid – Never Gonna Leave You

Mix 2

11. FSQ (feat. G Koop & O-Man)  –  The Infinite Reprise

12. David Harks  –  Twice (NTEIBINT Remix)

13. Girls of the Internet  –  Another Side

14. Romain FX  –  The Drive (Lauer Remix)

Future Classic

15. WhoMadeWho & Adana Twins  –  Immersion


Future Sound

16. Swoose  –  Introspective