Future Disco Radio Show: Laurence Guy Guest Mix

This week we are joined by DJ, producer, and purveyor of quality house music, Laurence Guy, who has crafted his own signature sound of sophisticated underground music.

The first, complete culmination of his artistry came in the form of his critically acclaimed debut album on Church Records in 2017. ‘Saw You For The First Time’ followed a string of admired EPs and projected his name to new heights.

He is also an incredible DJ in his own right, mastering vinyl as his preferred method of mixing. He will be showcasing his eclectic selections at our all-night Halloween party in London this Saturday (30th October).

Always looking forward but never forgetting the past we bring you the best in contemporary house and disco. This is Future Disco.

Check out their guest mix by clicking here


Mix 1

01) A1  –  You Need Love (Palavas Edit)

02) Soulphiction  –  Bizzness (OPOLOPO Tweak)

03) Bondax  –  Don’t Want It


Guest Mix:  Laurence Guy

01) IX Lievs  –  Life Is Not The Same

02) Aaron Carl  –  Sky

03) Roger Ruff  –  Do Ya

04) Mateo & Matos  –  Body & Soul (Ian Pooley Remix)

05) Karizma  –  Beat Dis

06) DJ Moses  –  Give me Your Love (Spend’s & Karizma Remix)

07) Paradox  –  Knut

08) Cotonete  –  Earth overshoot Day (Hugo LX Remix)

09) Lalou Mizik & Joseph Ray  –  Sanna Yo Pran pale (Koze Remix)


Mix 2

04) Ichisan  –  Harmona (Dan Tyler Remix)

05) Ben Hixon  –  Dangerous 

06) Baby Prince  –  Reach Out (Lowheads Remix)

07) Mius  –  Higher


Future Disco Classic

08) Change  –  A Lover’s Holiday (Jim Burgess Mix)


Future Sound

09) Pola Women  –  Disco Disco