Enduro Disco

This week we are joined by man of mystery, Enduro Disco for a seamless blend of house and disco goodness. Much like his selections, Enduro Disco’s productions ooze chunky grooves, fluttering vocal samples, and wonky synths. With releases on Black Jukebox, Exploited Ghetto, and lots more pending music to come, the future looks bright for Enduro Disco.

Always looking forward but never forgetting the past we bring you the best in contemporary house and disco. This is Future Disco.

Check out their guest mix by clicking here

Mix 1

01) Sade  –  Hang On To Your Love (Ben Gomori’s Stuck Like Glue Edit)

02) Sebb Junior, Hatiras  –  The Game Found Me (Extended Mix)

03) Dam Swindle – Breathe (feat. NIKKI)

04) Aymeric  –  That Sound (Anoraak Remix)


Guest Mix:  Enduro Disco

1) Enduro – Petite Amie

2) Red Rack’em – Wonky Bassline Disco Banger (Enduro Disco Edit)

3) Dennis Parker – Like An Eagle (Enduro Disco Edit)

4) Stanccione – Quintana (Jimpster Remix)

5) Enduro Disco – Deep In My Heart

6) Yoko Duo – Lack Of Comfort (Leo Cubanero Remix)


Mix 2

05) Jank  –  Has Gone

06) Zac Tenenbaum  –  Only Wanna Dance With You (feat. Asdis) (COEO Remix)

07) Black Hawks Of Panama  –   Feel For You (Radio Edit)


Future Classic

08) Nicky Night Time, Ali Love  –  Ubiquity (feat. Breakbot) (Original Mix)


Future Sound

09) Because Of Art   –  Lost In The Sun