This week we are joined by Cologne house music duo Andhim.
With over 100 international shows annually and residencies in New York, Los Angeles, London and Melbourne, they are an international force in the house music scene. Between all of this they also run their own label Superfriends Records. Make sure you check out their most recent release Brabazon.

Always looking forward but never forgetting the past we bring you the best in contemporary house and disco. This is Future Disco.

Check out their guest mix by clicking here

Mix 1

01) Letherette  –  Triple (Original Mix)

02) Damiano von Erckert  –  Let’s hide away (Original Mix)

03) Tommy Farrow   –  Let’s Just (Jansons Mix)

04) Black Loops  –  Homesick

Guest Mix:  Andhim

01)  Longhair – Rhythm Activity

02) Kenneth Bager – Farmacia (Homage To Frankfurt) feat. Jez Phunk (Musumeci Extended Remix)

03) Llewellyn – Synergy Bar

04) Kiwi – Hit Me

05) Zombies in Miami – UFO Whisper

06) andhim – Brabazon

Mix 2

05) Black Hawks Of Panama   –  Feel For U (Ron Basejam Remix)

06) NFR_070  –  We_Are_The_Machines

07) Crackazat  –  What You’re Feeling (Original Mix)

Future Classic

08) Web Web  –  What You Give (Mousse T. Boogie Shizzle Remix)

Future Sound

09) DJ Clock  –  Riders