10 Cosmic Tracks: Best of Space Disco

Norwegian Space Disco has etched its mark on the cosmic canvas of electronic music, blending ethereal melodies with pulsating rhythms to create a transcendent dance experience. From the pioneering sounds of the past to the innovative tracks of the present, here’s a curated selection of 10 essential tracks that epitomize the genre’s celestial allure:

  1. Lindstrøm – “I Feel Space”
    • A quintessential anthem of Norwegian Space Disco, Lindstrøm’s “I Feel Space” sets the stage with its hypnotic groove and interstellar melodies. This track, featured on the very first volume of Future Disco, remains a timeless classic loved by enthusiasts worldwide.
  2. Prins Thomas – “Feel The Love”
    • Prins Thomas’s remix of “Feel The Love” by Primthomas captures the essence of Norwegian Space Disco with its euphoric energy and cosmic vibes. It’s a testament to Thomas’s ability to infuse dance floors with warmth and positivity.
  3. Magnus International – “Undulat”
    • “Undulat” by Magnus International takes listeners on a sonic journey through space and time, with its pulsating rhythms and hypnotic melodies. It’s a standout track that showcases International’s mastery of the Norwegian Space Disco sound.
  4. Andre Bratten – “Be A Man You Ant”
    • Andre Bratten’s “Be A Man You Ant” is a mesmerizing blend of disco and electronica, with its infectious beats and dreamy synths. It’s a prime example of Bratten’s innovative approach to music production.
  5. Kasper Bjørke – “Young Again”
    • “Young Again” by Kasper Bjørke is a euphoric anthem that captures the essence of Norwegian Space Disco with its uplifting melody and infectious rhythm. It’s a track that radiates positivity and nostalgia, transporting listeners to a cosmic dance floor.
  6. Storken – “Think Happy Be Happy [Dorothys Fortress Remix]”
    • “Think Happy Be Happy [Dorothys Fortress Remix] by Storken brings a Swedish touch to the Norwegian Space Disco scene with its funky basslines and infectious groove. It’s a track features on our compilation Mirrorball Motel, exuding  charm and charisma, inviting listeners to lose themselves in its hypnotic rhythms.
  7. Todd Terje – “Inspector Norse”
    • “Inspector Norse” by Todd Terje is a certified classic of Norwegian Space Disco, with its infectious melody and playful energy. It’s a track that never fails to ignite the dance floor and capture the hearts of disco enthusiasts worldwide.
  8. Prins Thomas – “Diskomiks”
    • Prins Thomas’s “Diskomiks” is a mesmerizing journey through cosmic soundscapes and pulsating rhythms. It’s a track that showcases Thomas’s ability to blend disco, house, and techno into a seamless sonic experience.
  9. Lindstrøm & Christabelle – “Baby Can’t Stop”
    • “Baby Can’t Stop” by Lindstrøm & Christabelle is a celestial love song that combines infectious vocals with pulsating beats and dreamy synths. It’s a perfect blend of pop sensibility and cosmic disco vibes.
  10. Biosphere – “Novelty Waves”
    • “Novelty Waves” by Biosphere offers a unique take on Norwegian Space Disco with its ambient textures and hypnotic rhythms. It’s a track that transports listeners to the outer reaches of the galaxy, making it a standout in the genre.

From the celestial sounds of Lindstrøm to the cosmic grooves of Storken, each track in this playlist represents a shining star in the constellation of Norwegian Space Disco. Whether you’re exploring the genre for the first time or seeking to deepen your cosmic connection, these tracks promise an unforgettable journey through the boundless expanse of electronic music

Listen to the playlist here.

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