The Art of The Edit 

Disco has always been associated with the edit. Special edits for DJs have been created to extend the track for a longer DJ mixable experience. Today is no exception with some of our greatest heroes using their skills to tease, touch up and extend some of the biggest tracks to ever hit the dancefloor. With technology moving at an ever-increasing pace, it’s never been easier to edit your favourite track, most not legally viable to release. For the DJ it provides a brand new take on an existing track that provides a unique moment during the set. 

At Future Disco we have been creating our own edits over several compilation albums and below we pick out a few of our favourites from past albums for you to enjoy. Plus we also select edits from some of the greatest. Greg Wilson, Todd Terje, Dimitri From Paris and Gerd Janson.

Gibson Brothers – Ooh What a Life – Gerd & Shan Edit:
This edit by Gerd & Shan offers a fresh perspective on the classic track by the Gibson Brothers. Showcasing the enduring influence of disco in contemporary reinterpretations, this is a Future Disco favourite in sets around the globe.

40 Thieves, Qzen – Don’t Turn It Off – Greg Wilson Edit:
Greg Wilson’s prowess extends to the edit of “Don’t Turn It Off” by 40 Thieves and Qzen, infusing the track with his signature touch and enhancing its dancefloor appeal.

Chic – I Want Your Love – Todd Terje Edit
Chic’s “I Want Your Love” gets a Todd Terje makeover that is nothing short of spectacular. Terje preserves the essence of the disco era while injecting his own infectious energy, resulting in an edit that pays homage to the original while propelling it into the future of dance music.

Jamiroquai – Cosmic Girl – Dimitri From Paris Edit:
Closing our exploration is the Dimitri From Paris Edit of Jamiroquai’s “Cosmic Girl,” adding a touch of Parisian flair to the Future Disco universe.

Future Disco Edits:

Sweet Tooth – She Can’t Love You – Greg Wilson Future Disco Edit (Future Disco: A Disco Fantasy):

Renowned DJ and producer Greg Wilson takes the lead with his magical touch on “She Can’t Love You” in the A Disco Fantasy compilation. Wilson’s edit seamlessly fuses his expertise with Future Disco’s distinct aesthetic, creating a dancefloor gem that’s impossible to resist.

LUXXURY, Scavenger Hunt – Another Lifetime – Future Disco Slow Down Edit (Poolside Sounds Vol.8):

Following Greg Wilson’s stellar contribution is the hypnotic “Another Lifetime” Future Disco Slow Down Edit, featured on Poolside Sounds Vol.8. This track takes listeners on a sonic voyage, slowing down the tempo to create a laid-back groove that captivates the soul.

Sink Ya Teeth – If You See Me – Future Disco Edit (Technicolour Nights Vol.12):

Future Disco Technicolour Nights Vol.12 introduces us to the captivating “If You See Me” edit by an adept artist. The transformation skillfully weaves together elements, breathing new life into the original and giving it an infectious energy that’s bound to set the dance floor ablaze.

Yse Saint Laur’ant – Morning Star (Future Disco Edit) (Poolside Sounds Vol.7):

“Morning Star,” in its Future Disco Edit form on Poolside Sounds Vol.7, creates a musical atmosphere that resonates with both nostalgia and innovation. This one masterfully enhances the celestial qualities of the original, making it a standout track on the compilation.

New World – Glances – Future Disco Vocal Edit (Future Disco Dance Club):
Future Disco Vocal Edit of “New World – Glances” unveils club edit twhere our sublabel’s sound takes centre stage This edit, nestled within the Future Disco catalogue, demonstrates the label’s dedication to presenting diverse and forward-thinking disco interpretations.


Bad Business Club – Flip Me Over (Summer Sunshine Version) [Future Disco Edit] (Poolside Sounds Vol.10):

The “Bad Business Club” takes a refreshing turn with the “Flip Me Over (Summer Sunshine Version)” Future Disco Edit on Poolside Sounds Vol.1. This edit infuses the track with a warm, sun-soaked vibe, making it a quintessential addition to any summer playlist.


Amp Fiddler, Dames Brown – Steppin’ – Future Disco Piano Edit (A Disco Fantasy):

“Steppin’,” in its Future Disco Piano Edit form on the A Disco Fantasy compilation, elevates the disco experience with infectious piano riffs. This edit crafts a dynamic soundscape that encourages listeners to lose themselves in the rhythm of keys throughout.


Italoconnection – All Over – Future Disco Edit (Mirrorball Motel):

The “All Over” Future Disco Edit on Future Disco Mirrorball Motel is a testament to the label’s commitment to delivering dancefloor anthems. This version transforms the original into a disco-infused masterpiece that celebrates the genre’s timeless allure.

The art of edits in DJing, especially within the realm of Future Disco, is a testament to the genre’s ability to evolve while staying true to its roots. Future Disco’s compilations stand as our commitment to presenting innovative and expertly crafted edits that contribute to the ever-expanding tapestry of electronic music. And, as we dance into the future, this month, we’ll be dropping a brand new Future Disco Edit of “Club Saturn” by Lord Leopard (Ft. Conal Kelly) on 22/12.  

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