GW Harrison Joins The Dance Club

So far this year the Dance Club has welcomed heaters from Jansons, Ten Ven, Renato Cohen, and now GW Harrison.

“People of the World,” is out today and has been a three-year journey of creativity and anticipation. This sonic marvel has already become the stuff of legend, thanks in part to GW Harrison’s summer performances at iconic venues like Printworks, Ibiza’s Eden, and the electric atmosphere of Creamfields.

Having burst onto the scene in recent years, GW Harrison has quickly made a name for himself with his undeniable talent and relentless passion for music. His previous successes have included chart-topping releases on renowned labels such as Toolroom Records, ABODE, and Defected, to name just a few. His tracks have become staples in the sets of esteemed DJs around the globe, propelling him to perform at acclaimed venues and festivals worldwide.

GW Harrison’s “People of the World” is set to be a dancefloor anthem and is available now on Future Disco Dance Club. Dance music enthusiasts and partygoers alike can look forward to experiencing this infectious track at clubs and festivals across the globe, as GW Harrison continues to solidify his reputation as a dynamic force in the electronic music scene.

We love it and hope you do too. Take a listen. 


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