Future Disco Artist In Focus Boys’ Shorts

This months Artist In Focus is Greek DJ/producer duo, Boys’ Shorts.


Friends for over a decade, Boys’ Shorts have spent endless hours on the decks together DJing all around Greece and Europe, until they decided to form this music project and share their love for electronic music.


Artist in Focus Boys' Shorts
Artist in Focus Boys’ Shorts


Their music is a blend of all the things they mix in their DJ sets. From disco to breaks and slow techno to acid, they make music to make people dance.

With four EPs under their belt on some of the the best indie dance record labels they have also delivered remixes for artists like Kasper Bjorke, Yuksek w/ Polo & Pan, and Boy George. to name a few. Their remix for Casey Spooner was included in the Red Hot + Free compilation.


Hot off the back of their latest release, Suburban Love Affair, we caught up with the boys to find out more about them:


What is Boys’ Shorts?
Boys’ Shorts is the result of our 15 years of friendship. We have been together as friends in club nights, dj sets, radio shows, holidays, laughs and difficulties always having music to guide us or be the soundtrack of our every day lives. Now it’s time to write songs about all these experiences!


It’s an interesting name, where does it come from?
“Cult your Club” was our first thought, a wordplay that sounded like Culture Club. After we realised that it was taken, we started playing with words in order to have something that sounded like “Boy George”,  and so we came up with Boys’ Shorts as an idea and we liked it.


What excites you most about being DJs?
The Connection that we make with people. It’s honestly very special. After all the years we are DJing together as friends, we realised how nice this connection comes between us first of all, and how special it is to create it between ourselves and the audience that dances all night long, leaving you with the best feeling when you get back home. Almost feels like when you give help or happiness to someone.


Why Future Disco?
We have followed Sean Brosnan’s projects for years now, and Future Disco was one of the labels we had in mind since the beginning. When we finished this track, the first thing we both agreed was that we wanted to release it to that label cos we thought it fits perfectly Future Disco’s aesthetic.


Who is your dream collab?
Tracy Thorn.


What are your fundamental rules when you’re making music?  
Sexy bass-lines, 80’s synths and cowbells were necessary!


What are your top 5 cities to perform in (Or would like to perform in)?
We love playing in New York, Berlin and London, but we would love to play in Mexico City and Tokyo in the future! 


We love the new single, can you run us through it? 
“Suburban Love Affair” is a track that started taking shape during the end of lockdown, as a reflection of our endless walks during that time whilst living in the countryside, and daydreaming about beautiful summer beaches! 


Listen to Boys’ Shorts latest single, Suburban Love Affair here




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