Disco Amour: French House and Disco

French House and Disco, like its country of origin, has a classier sound than its American and British cousins. The influence of the genre has spread far beyond the borders and has bled into pop culture and dance music as a whole. Disco Amour.

So much French House and Disco influences everything we do today. It was one of the golden eras for house music where an entire wave of French artists paired disco sampling with a firmly electronic twist that was suitable for the big club sound systems and culture that was emerging. Labels like Roule and Crydamore felt completely fresh. This is built on a history of disco in France, and to this day there is an entirely innovative sound that only comes from French artists and with record labels such as Kitsuné or Because, the influence of disco and the French music scene is still being felt worldwide.

Dimitri From Paris

French House and Disco
The face of modern French house and disco who has been behind some of the greatest edits of the past two decades. Made famous by his ‘At the Playboy Mansion’ albums, Dimitri continues to command the authority of French Disco music and influence worldwide.


French House and DiscoThe producer and DJ behind the label Partyfine. Yuksek has built a formidable reputation as a remixer too and often features across our Future Disco albums.

Breakbot and Irfane

French House and DiscoThe duo (who are from the Ed Banger camp) is made of vocalist Irfane and producer and remixer Breakbot. They take original disco influences and create music for the same soul but in a completely fresh take for the future.

Daft Punk

French House and Disco

Daft Punk was originally managed by Pedro Winter, the same man behind the Ed Banger record label that has provided many great modern disco acts. Their influence on not only Disco but global pop music can’t be underestimated. Their first album ‘Da Funk’ is still considered one of the all-time legendary electronic albums.


French House and Disco

The sad passing of Philip Zdar in 2019 concluded what was one of the greatest French dance duos of all time. Philip Zdar was not only in Cassisus and a touring DJ, but mixed and engineered some of the greatest modern rock bands. Alongside Boombass, the duo’s influence on 90’s dance music can’t be underestimated and their tracks ‘Feelings For You’ and ‘1999’ will continue to be revered for all time.

Alan Braxe

French House and Disco

The often unsung hero of the track Stardust – ‘Music Sounds Better with you’, Alan Braxe’s influence on modern dance and disco should not be underestimated. A disco touch can be found throughout his music and many collaborations with another French touch legend Fred Falke, in particular their all-time classic, ‘Intro’.

Bob Sinclair

French House and Disco
While Bon Sinclair is best known for chart topping catchy pop dance, his roots were firmly in a disco sound that was emerging in the late 90’s in the same scene as many the aforementioned artists. His album ‘Paradise’ set the producer’s tone and became a modern disco classic, also featuring the famous Jane Fonda sampling Gym Tonic alongside Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk.


French House and Disco

Folamour has been carving his own way in the French Touch scene over th/e past few years, presenting a fresh take on what his predecessors brought to the table. His latest album, ‘The Journey’ was released on his label, FHUO Records, and explores elements of disco, jazz and classic French house.

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