Bondax’s ‘Top Tracks’ (George’s Selections)

In celebration of Bondax’s recent single, ‘I Only Have You’ George from Bondax has chosen five tracks from five albums… Check out Adam’s selection here.


St. Germain – ‘Sure Thing’ (Taken from the Tourist LP)


“My parents used to play this album, I forgot about it until it popped up again in the last ten years. When we were on tour in Sydney we went to his show, the band were incredible, he read the crowd incredible well, it was definitely up there with my favourite shows and this track was the highlight.”

Metro Area – ‘Caught Up’ (Taken from the Metro Area LP)

“We found this album about 10 years after it was first released & immediately added it in our sets. I’d listen to it on trains & flights then play it out that night – that can’t be said for a lot of music. It’s obviously been recognised retrospectively as a classic, it’s aged incredibly well. From Kelly Polar’s strings to the bass synth & chord progression this is my favourite track on the album but ‘Miura’ gets a to mention for the huge effect it’s had on electronic music.”


Moderat ‘Out Of Sight’ (Taken from the Moderat LP)

‘Picking a single track was difficult from this record – it’s one of my favourite electronic albums. It could be released today & would sound just as relevant, the production is incredible, the sound writing & ambience created throughout is just mesmerising, it will stand the test of time perfectly.’

 Radiohead ‘Lotus Flower (Jacques Greene Remix)’ (Taken from the TKOL RMX 1234567)

“This track got us so excited about the possibilities of what we could make – from messing around in our bedrooms, to really beautiful synth work & production techniques. The original would is also up there for but the Jacques Greene remix has had such an influence on our work.”


Piero Piccioni ‘Camille 2000 (Alternative Take)’ (Taken from Camille 2000)

‘Bit of a curve ball but after discovering Piero Piccioni’s soundtracks a while back they became my soundtrack to travelling. It was hard to pick an album because most his work is for picture and often have huge turns as the plot moves, but it’s here for the amount of times his music has helped me chill out. I’ve picked the alternative take… for anyone reads this far that produces music, this would be an amazing sample .’

Listen to Bondax, ‘I Only Have You’ here.

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