Future Disco: Dance Club Final Repress


By popular demand we have brought back ‘Dance Club’ from Future Disco’s award winning compilation series, with a very limited Aqua Blue vinyl repress.

Released in May 2021 after more than a year away from the dance floor, Future Disco brought the party to you with ‘Dance Club’, hoping to reignite the beautiful memories we had of packed dance floors and become a symbol of hope for the future of the club scene. ‘Dance Club’ is a selection of 18 carefully curated tracks from Future Disco label owner, Sean Brosnan.

In Sean’s own words, ‘The dance club is a concept that focuses on the most important aspect of dance music – the dancing itself. This album is a celebration album, which sounds strange in such difficult times, but it’s a celebration of dancing and how we have so badly missed this expression. How we will dance again in the future, and it’s going to be better and bigger than ever.’

Many months and good times later, we now bring back Dance Club in a celebration of a different kind; the celebration of the collective love of freedom, self expression and most of all dancing. This is your last chance to get a brand new copy of the limited repress of Future Disco’s ‘Dance Club’, out now.

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