Track By Track: Future Disco – Dance Club

The 14th edition of the iconic Future Disco compilation series, Dance Club is available to buy, stream, and consume right now! Dance Club; an embodiment and celebration of dancing, unity, and togetherness, with a host of eclectic gems from across the house and disco spectrum.

You can purchase these 18 disco-infused tracks on high-quality Limited Edition Aqua and Black heavyweight double Vinyl, as well as on Compact Disc here.

Sean Brosnan, the man behind the comp breaks down each of these carefully curated tracks one-by-one.

1. Dimitri From Paris & Aeroplane featuring Leela – Can’t Get Enough (Yuksek Remix)

This is three of my favourite producers on one track. A feel-good slice of future disco and felt perfect as the opener to the album, setting the tone for the positive feeling I wanted this album to have.

2. Titeknots – On My Mind

An instant future disco track for me and after lots of comments when I played it on the radio show, I thought it had to be included. A feel-good disco track I can’t wait to play on a dancefloor soon.

3. Black Hawks of Panama feat. Bisi – Feel For You (Ron Basejam Remix)

This was released as a single on Future Disco and new comer Black Hawks of Panama has done a great job with a tasteful cover of Chaka Khan ‘Feel For You’. I’ve included the excellent rework from Ron Basejam aka Jim from Crazy P who really brings out the funk.

Future Disco Dance Club Black

4. Theo Kottis – Seventies (Theo’s Future Disco Edit)

Theo kindly did a little edit of his track exclusively for the album. It has the sort of groove that would get people running for the dancefloor and just keeps coming back for another bite and doesn’t let go.

5. Chevals – All I Wanna Do Is Love You

This has the sort of bassline that if you love disco you won’t be able to resist. The addictive bassline just loops round with the vocal, but sometimes that’s all that is required.

6. New World – Glances (Future Disco Vocal Edit)

The original is a killer track with an eighties feel, but when I heard it I couldn’t help feel a vocal would sit nicely on top.  So I did an edit and added a vocal to create a slightly different feeling and hopefully completes the stunning musicality of the record.

7. COEO – I Can Never Be Yours

COEO are up there with the best future disco producers working at the moment and it was hard to pick one track from them to fit on the album, but I love the piano on this record, combined with the breakbeats, it has a kind of disco meets rave era feel and if that’s not future disco I don’t know what is.

8. Antenna – L’atellier

Rising star Antenna created this exclusive for the album which has that eighties squelchy analogue bass sound that is nothing but captivating and I think really stands out in the mix.

Future Disco Dance Club Aqua

9. Jex Opolis – Listen to the Band

New York’s Jex is such an exciting producer and he gets such a big sound from his equipment. For me, this felt like some kind of eighties movie and I love the energy the record brings to the mix to take us back into a peak time Dance Club party.

10. Kahwe – All Day

This is one of those DJ tools, that isn’t overly complicated but is effective. I just kept listening and going back to it over and over and I love how on the album it switches up the vibe to signal we are going in a different direction.

11. Hustlers Convention – Final (Dr Packer Remix)

Hustlers Convention is actually Michael Gray and Jon Pearn who are also Full Intention. It’s a track from about thirty years ago and Dr Packer hasn’t moved too far from the original which is a testament to what a great song the original is. It makes me think of happy times past, present and future.

12. Gerd Janson & Jacques Renault – Never Saw Never

This was the first track I knew would be on the album. I love both Jacques and Gerd and I’m not sure what this samples but it does it so well. Another one I would love to play in a club and see the hands fly in the air.

13. The Showfa – Joy (Future Disco’s More Joy Edit)

I did this edit for the last album and couldn’t make it fit, but for ‘Dance Club’ it just feels perfect. It’s gospel meets disco and we made it that bit more of a dub so it’s ripe for the dancefloor.

Future Disco Dance Club CD

14. Mix & Fairbanks – Red Light Runner

This has such a great piano. It feels just so right for a big dancefloor and sets up the bigger, houseier end of future disco for the big finish of the album.

15. Tommy Farrow – Let’s Just (Jansons Remix)

This has to be one of the best remixes in recent times. Jansons has taken a future-sounding breakbeat record and turned it into an indie disco monster that just builds in euphoria.

16. Catz n Dogz & Gerd Janson – Modern Romance

This is a great pairing of Catz n Dogs and Gerd Janson, actually created during lockdown for Radio One so I’m really pleased to have it on the album. It’s got that intensity of house but the feeling of disco that Gerd, in particular, does so well.

17. Emil Rottmayer – L.E.V.E.L

This track doesn’t really sound like anything else on the album but has such a nice trancey, cosmic disco feel. It felt like the kind of record you would want to play in a club as the lights came up.

18. Ekkah – Wendy’s Yard (Gilligan Moss Remix)

We’ve been working with the very talented female duo, Ekkah for the past 12 months releasing singles and I love both this track and the remix from US-based Gilligan Moss. It’s got disco at its heart but sounds completely fresh and that’s what Future Disco is all about. It should keep you moving until the bitter end.

Buy Dance Club here.

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